About Us

About Us

Where it started

PASCAP Trust advocates for after school programme models that address the priority needs of South Africa’s vulnerable children and youth. Poverty alleviation has always been a central concern in programme design, delivery and beneficiary focus. We believe that quality after school programmes can offer children and teens support, motivation, access to resources and opportunities to turn risk time into a valuable opportunity for development, growth, inspiration and connecting with others.

After school programmes are a powerful mechanism to counter many aspects of poverty such as extending local networks of support, improving safety, expanding opportunity, learning new skills and acquiring knowledge, as well as creating important spaces for relaxation and social interaction.


Our Vision and Mission

We have a vision of a society where children and youth thrive and grow – where safety, prosperity and opportunity are a way of life for all.

Mission: PASCAP Trust is committed to the development of innovative, effective and sustainable after school programmes for children and youth to enhance equal opportunity and life quality.

What do we do?

What does PASCAP do?

• We partner and collaborate with communities, schools, organisations and government to develop after school programmes in high poverty profile communities.
• We develop and offer training programmes to enhance the skills of after school providers and decision-makers.
• We work to build the capacity of local communities to offer quality after school programmes that are sustainable.
• By networking with a wide range of social partners, we aim to enhance the after school experience for vulnerable children and youth by building systems to support after school providers.
• By training and mentoring after school practitioners and emerging after school programmes serving vulnerable communities, we build better after school opportunities for children and youth.
• We research and develop after school care models to promote the replication and upscaling of best practices.
• We actively encourage communities to take ownership of their after school programmes, and offer a range of services to build administrative, financial and operational sustainability.

Our beggining

How did PASCAP start?

A pilot after school programme was initiated in the community of Parkwood, Cape Town, in 1992. The programme was a phenomenal success and within 3 years the pass rates of children attending rose by 70%. This sparked broad interest in after school programmes and led PASCAP Trust to develop an after school practitioner training programme, governance training and specialist after school programmes for different age groups including young adults.

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