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What Does Freedom Mean To You?

To celebrate Freedom Day, we asked our some of our learners what freedom means to them. Here are their responses…

Hout Bay After School Care

“You can do anything you want by making your own decisions” – Tinotenda, 14
“The ability to make your own career choices” – Luther,15
“Freedom allows me the chance to be myself” – Esha,15
“I am free to live the life that I choose” – Beyoncé, 15
“Everyone has rights.” – Ophelia, 14
“People must respect my own personal space and wishes” – Tamia,14
“It means I am free to do and be who you want to be” – Charissa, 14
“It means that you are not in a cage and that nothing can stop me” – Faith,15
“To be able to express myself” – Grant, 12
“I have a right to it” – Andrews, 15
“The right to learn” – Serwin,15
“I can have a good education and can do what is right for me” – Loyce,13

Luhalza After School Care

“I celebrate Freedom Day since people like Mandela fought for it so that we can all be free” – Emihle,13
“On Freedom Day we can celebrate all the people who fought for us to one day live freely” – Asanda, 13
“Freedom means that I am free and that I live in a democratic country” – Lisakhanya,15
“A day when we recognize that we are all equal” – Kuyanda, 13
“Inkululeko ixhaza ukuthi abantu bangapile bonke, abamhlophe naba nsundu” – Mesuli, 14
“I feel free on Freedom Day because I will never live under the conditions my parents lived in during apartheid” – Portia,13
“I can go anywhere I want without being judged” – Linamandla, 14
“Freedom means I can celebrate my own culture” – Sinaye,13
“Freedom Day is the day when black people would no longer be discriminated against” – Buyisile, 14

Chumisa After School Care

“I can go to school every day” – Akhanani, 10
“My life is free” – Babalwa, 11
“I can go anywhere and do everything” – Simamkele,12
“To be brave and honest” – Sibabalwe, 13
“That I am a born free” – Anele, 11
“Freedom means to be set free. For example, if you were in jail and they released you, you’ll be free” – Sive, 10
“It means black and white nations can come together” – Axolile,13
“It means everything to me because our mothers never had it when they were young” – Zintle,13
“Being treated the same” – Axolile G, 11
“I can go wherever I choose and not be scared” – Phiwo, 14
“It means democracy” – Somila, 10
“Freedom allows me to be happy and brave” – Mohlatshana, 14

If this is what freedom means to these young people, ask yourself this Freedom Day what it means to you.

You’re welcome to share your answer by commenting below!


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