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Ways of Nature

The first day of spring happened not so long ago, and even though the sun did not show its face, I hope this poem will be able to brighten your day…

Upon a nice mid-spring day
Let’s take a look at Nature’s way
Breathe the scent of nice fresh air
Feel the breeze within your hair

The grass will poke you between your toes
Smell the flowers with your nose
Clouds form shapes within the skies
And light will glisten from your eyes

Hear the buzzing of the bees
Climb the tallest willow trees
Look across the meadow way
And you shall see a young deer play

Pick the daisies as they grow
Watch a gentle cold stream flow
Know the sounds of water splash
Catch its glimmer in a flash

When altogether all seems sound
Lay yourself upon the ground
Take a moment to inhale
And listen to Nature tell her tale…

You do not have to leave the office to explore the true beauty of Nature, close your eyes and imagine. Imagination is all you need to go where your heart desires.

Be kind to nature, it truly is beautiful.

Asanda Phaliso

9 September 2016


[IMAGE SOURCE: Desktop Nexus]

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