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The Achievement Programme presents….















Free career and Image consultations

Education contributes to personal growth, views about the future and how best we can contribute to the development of the communities that we come from. In order to provide youth with enriching educational opportunities, PASCAP Trust will be offering free career and image consultations. Through these consultations learners will be offered career guidance and support that will assist them in clearly identifying their future plans. During the career and image consultations learners will also be receiving information on what they should do in order to be able to enrol in institutions of higher learning, as well as the steps they need to take to apply for funding. This will be helpful considering that learners’ families may not be at the means to pay for their studies personally. The aim of PASCAP’s programmes is to teach learners to be responsible in life and to use the opportunities that come their way to their advantage. Poverty may act as a barrier in the educational and financial development of South African youth. Hence PASCAP Trust wants to provide youth with alternative options that they could pursue in obtaining the quality education that they deserve.

SUPPORTING AMBITION!! For more information about this initiative please join us at Hout Bay High School on the 8th and 9th of September as we will be embarking on a promotion week.

OR You can also contact us at info@pascap.org.za Tel: 021-422-5588




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