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Bring it on 2017!

The Rolling Stone deemed 2016 a “…a bad year” and 2017 the worst to come. This is a sentiment thats shared by many people on the social media verse (see Elle). This is largely due to the events that occurred around the world, such as changes in global politics, civil wars, large refugee displacements, terrorism attacks and the escalating changes in the natural environment.

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Who will you feed: the Wolf of Love, or the Wolf of Hate?

Can Buddha’s brain give us any insight to help empower South Africa’s youth? In Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love & Wisdom (2014), Dr. Rick Hanson explores the contemplative practices of Buddhism through the lens of modern psychology and neuroscience to answer two questions: “What brain states underlie the mental states of happiness, love, and wisdom?” and “How can you use your mind to

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Being a Social Worker

Social Work is too often confused with all the wrong things, like taking away children from their families, making us seem like the enemy; but in actual fact, you could call social workers silent superheroes. Why? Even though we are sometimes seen as the bad guys, after we’ve done an intervention individuals and the community come to appreciate what we do and understand the

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