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The Year and Beyond

Once again the debate begins, was this a good year? Was 2017 the year when the world finally got better? Or are the events that occurred its defining factors? 2017, the time when a series of terrorist attacks were unleashed on different parts of the world. When the children of Yemen and Somalia died of starvation. The year of displacements and ethnic cleansing. The

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Ending Procrastination Right Now (Yes, right now!)

I was a master procrastinator. I always used to say preposterous, irresponsible things like: I’ll do it later; Tomorrow seems like a nice day to _____ (insert whatever I need to do here); I’ll do it now now (and butcher English grammar simultaneously); Okay, I’ll do it after I’ve watched just this one scene from Pulp Fiction; The deadline is only next week; I

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