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What Does Freedom Mean To You?

To celebrate Freedom Day, we asked our some of our learners what freedom means to them. Here are their responses… Hout Bay After School Care “You can do anything you want by making your own decisions” – Tinotenda, 14 “The ability to make your own career choices” – Luther,15 “Freedom allows me the chance to be myself” – Esha,15 “I am free to live

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Freedom Day: The Birth of South Africa’s Liberation

A TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE… Freedom day celebrates a milestone in South Africa’s history. It came about after political leader Nelson Mandela—together with the people of South Africa, who were fighting for liberation from the chains of the Apartheid era—won the fight against the discriminatory ruling minority and ushered in a new era. The blood, sweat, and tears of those freedom fighters claimed 27

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