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Skills Development For After School Care (ASC) Workers

The Western Cape’s After School Care (ASC) sector must rise to meet the very serious challenges currently facing our youth. The establishment of the After School Game Changer initiative by the Premier’s office is a strong indication of the dire need to alter the current trajectory too many of our youth are confronted with.

“There are far too many young people in the province who are leaving school each day and entering unsafe, violent neighbourhoods and homes with no adult supervision.”

On the advocacy front, the vocal and visible Social Justice Coalition, towards improving learner safety and addressing youth gangs, included the “provision of after-school care and extramural activities for learners in Khayeltisha” as a vital task in a recent press statement.

These and other trends are encouraging as they demonstrate that both government and communities recognise that the province’s children and youth require additional support to cope with not only challenging living conditions but also to access opportunities for personal growth and development. Quality ASC centres and professionals, therefore, have the power and responsibility to positively impact the lives of vulnerable youth and their surrounding communities.

Despite the rise in recognition, there has been an insufficient focus on the development of the skills needed to deliver quality, targeted ASC programmes to disadvantaged communities.

As part of our Help Desk programme, PASCAP Trust offers 3 full qualification routes for the development of professional ASC workers:

  • Qualification 60209 in Child and Youth Care Work
  • Qualification 23993 in Social Auxiliary Work
  • Qualification 49872 in Victim Empowerment Co-ordination

The courses aim to:

  • Improve specialist services in the ASC
  • Promote specialist professionals in ASC and related disciplines.
  • Facilitate the development of ASC centres as learning centres and a community nexus for professionals, paraprofessionals and volunteers.
  • Provide professional ASC workers with more effective career pathing in the social service sector.
  • Better prepare ASC workers to engage effectively in multi-disciplinary treatment teams, which is crucial in supporting vulnerable children.

To find out more about the courses you can contact us on training@pascap.org.za or call 021 422 5588.


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