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Contributing to the development of skills, knowledge and learners willingness to go on a journey of self-discovery has always been PASCAP’s area of interest. It is in return vital that we acknowledge the views and experiences of the learners during our programmes and here are some of their highlights:

‘’During today’s session we were given a task to investigate and research the years before and after apartheid. Our mentor gave everyone a chance to speak and participate during the interview role play. My highlights of today was the food and the play two girls did, I was laughing and enjoying the session’’.

‘’My favourite and most memorable session was when we painted benches, we did beautiful patterns to make them look nicer. They were really awesome and I did suggest a few ideas on our work it was great’ ’I am never missing another session!!LOL ‘’

‘’In some of the heritage Programme sessions we work on our creative writing, we get the opportunity to express our creativity and this helps us to improve our ability to brainstorm ideas and putting them together to form a complete topic’’.

‘’Our mentors are very good and awesome they show us how to create our own things, I have also learnt that you don’t have to be an artist to create art. My highlight was when I created my own piece of art that I actually never thought of doing but when I started it was so difficult to stop’’.