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[Guest Blog] Creating the best memories


I was recently asked what has been my best memory of my adult life in Jo’burg that I had created without including family and friends, and just as I was  excitedly ready to give my response I froze. The words escaped me and my mind slowly shut down into a blank space of eternal darkness. It felt like I was in a “mannequin challenge” and everything that was written in the stars to happen that minute was erased. What may have been ten seconds felt like the longest hours. How can such a simple question turn what could have been an amazing conversation over evening tea be so hard to answer. It wasn’t that I had a miserable life in Jo’burg, I just couldn’t think of what were thee best memories that stood out.

Memories are created by the choices and decisions we make, and while some of them creep into our lives when we least expect, a majority of the time it’s the 90% situation of how you react to the unforeseen moments. What has been your best memories of 2016 and how much of you is to blame for not giving it your best; for not stepping out of your comfort zone even when you knew you had nothing to lose?

As the year slowly comes to an end, we find ourselves reflecting on what was, while some of us will be reaching for our notebooks to add onto the list of new year’s resolutions that were not completed in 2016. Regrets, Joys, Tears, Victories; all depends on the choices you make each day.

2017 is but another 365 days to add to your life and to make it as glorious and blissful as you possibly can. Step out of your comfort zone. Give it your best. Every day is a chance to make another new memory. What amazing memories are you going to create?

Faith Ndlela


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