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What does “PASCAP” stand for?
PASCAP is an acronym for Partners with After School Care Projects.

Who benefits from after school care?
After school care is important for all children, in primary and high school.

Why are after school care programmes important?
Quality after school programmes help improve school attendance, school performance, social interaction, motivation, ability to succeed, civic engagement and strengthens family resilience.

What happens at an after school care programme?
After school activities can include anything from dance, drama, homework to current events, sport, excursions, tutoring, and art. It should not be boring and monotonous.

How else is PASCAP involved in supporting the youth?
Holiday programmes and camps form an important part of a good after school progamme. After all, when are children and youth most idle?

How do children benefit from PASCAP’s efforts?
Children and youth that attend quality after school programmes gain access to more opportunities, feel safer and are more motivated to succeed.

What makes PASCAP unique?
PASCAP Trust is the only organisation that focuses exclusively on after school development in South Africa.

In what provinces is PASCAP active?
PASCAP Trust primarily serves the Western and Eastern Cape provinces.

Are there any other initiatives PASCAP is developing?
PASCAP Trust is currently developing a matric-to-college programme. If you are in the senior high school phase, make sure you are part of this exciting initiative. In 2011, our first university entrant received full scholarships to study accounting! It is achievable.

Does PASCAP have any financial system in place to support learners?
PASCAP Trust has started a bursary scheme to assist our Grade 12 youth to enter university. Be one of them!

How many students have benefitted from PASCAP’s bursary scheme?
For the last 2 years, 7 of our children received full scholarships to study at the Cape Academy of Mathematics and Science.

Does PASCAP have any internships for learners?
PASCAP Trust provides internships in project management, administration and after school facilitation.

If you have anymore questions about who we are and what we do, please get in contact