Wildlife Ambassador

“#WildlifeAmbassador” looks good in your bio… Our beloved planet is in environmental turmoil. Our South Africa is in the midst of a drought. Our rivers and dams are drying up. Our animals and indigenous plants are drastically decreasing in number… Habitat loss, climate change and poaching are among the most alarming challenges faced by wildlife today. But do we care? Maybe. Or actually, yes,

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Without an online presence, you do not exist. Period. You are only as relevant as your last post. And to hip, vibrant youth (much like myself, of course) being anything other than relevant is simply NOT AN OPTION. Think about it: Being the last to know, or worse, comment, tweet and #hashtag is literally social suicide. Everyone is talking about “it”, can’t stop talking

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Shakespeare is alive

With every lol, omg, @ and “mwah”, I cringe a little. Through my work with youth, I have come to realise that life can become pretty fast paced. Sadly, I too am guilty of falling into the trap of trying to spare a few seconds by sending a message that read: “gtg running l8” And as I hit the send button, I felt my

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