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Bibliophilia and Freedom

Read, read against the dying of the light,
Wallow in words and feel their might!

No matter the soul, no matter the hour,
Let the light in – let it devour!

Rain or shine, books are divine,
Quest for the best and on wisdom you’ll dine.

Page after page after page after page,
Ignorance is bliss, but we rage but we rage!

Paper cuts come and paper cuts go,
By cracking spines, it’s wisdom we grow.

Free as can be, and happy you’ll see,
With a book in a nook, you’ll always be free.

The secret is out, if you listen you’ll hear,
Soon libraries and truth are what you’ll hold dear.

Make the time, make the effort, to read up and shine,
With more knowledge, more stories, the future is mine!

Chris Wheeler

1 December 2016

[IMAGE SOURCE: Adam Eason]

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