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Six after school centres have been developed to create an environment where learners can come to take part in a variety of programmes and be provided with the opportunity to learn and attain skills in a safe space. All our After School Centres (ASC) are based on school premises across the Western Cape, this makes it convenient for learners to join our programmes and has thus led to building long-lasting relationships with the local communities.

Our centres:

  • Luhlaza High School in Khayelitsha: The Lakheni ASC offers a psycho-social support programme to grade 8 learners as well as a music and mathematics programme to promote scholastic achievement.
  • Chumisa Primary School in Site B, Khayelitsha: This ASC is for primary school learners and offers a supportive programme for holistic growth and development, including sport, music and drama. Many learners from these programmes have won scholarships and awards to study further.
  • Matthew Goniwe Memorial High School in Site B, Khayelitsha: Our Matthew Goniwe ASC was developed to address the needs of high schoolers in Site B who outgrew the original Chumisa programme. The activities at the centre range from mathematics tutoring to sport, special programmes, reading and various skills training.
  • Tafelsig High School: Our Tafelsig ASC offers a wide range of support including cooking, skills training, support groups, homework support and much more. Going forward, the centre is exploring ways of encouraging teens to engage in skills projects that focus on increasing their interest in science.
  • Hout Bay High School: Our Hout Bay ASC offers, among others, soap making, youth activism and music tutoring. We also offer an Achievement Programme that focuses on supporting young adults to transition more effectively to tertiary study or the workplace.
  • New Dawn Park Primary School, George: This ASC is located in the Eastern Cape and offers literacy, numeracy, and homework support in addition to nurturing performance talent in dance and drama. Outdoor activities like games and sport are also offered.