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Building a Better Vocabulary: A Personal Horror Story with a Chunky Takeaway

One of the most vivid and traumatic memories from my primary school days came after a routine spelling test in Grade 3. Each week we had to learn the spelling of around twenty words which the teacher would then read out the following week for us to spell. On this particular week’s spelling test, I got absolutely none of them correct. A big fat zero. After

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Who will you feed: the Wolf of Love, or the Wolf of Hate?

Can Buddha’s brain give us any insight to help empower South Africa’s youth? In Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love & Wisdom (2014), Dr. Rick Hanson explores the contemplative practices of Buddhism through the lens of modern psychology and neuroscience to answer two questions: “What brain states underlie the mental states of happiness, love, and wisdom?” and “How can you use your mind to

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